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Frequently Asked Questions


What is asbestos?

What is a Chain of Custody (COC)?

What methods do you use for asbestos?

What is PLM? Polorized Light Microscopy

What is TEM? Transmission Electron Microscopy

What is PCM? Phase Contrast Microscopy

What is a Point Count?

What is TTP? Test Till Positive

How soon can I get my results?

What does NVLAP stand for? National Voluntary Laboratory Accrediation Program

What is NIST?

What do I do now that I have asbestos?


What can you test for lead? Paint, Soil, Air, Surfaces, Plants

Do you test lead in water? No

What methods do you use?


What can you test to see if I have mold?

How do you take a proper mold tape sample?

Can I have a picture of the mold being tested?

Is there someone I can talk with?


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