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BioSIS Air Sampler™ BioSIS Air Sampler

APEX Research, Inc. has developed and patented the BioSIS Air Sampler. The BioSIS technology is simple and cost effective.

The BioSIS was developed as a re-useable bioaerosal sampling device, employing industry standard slit impaction sampling techinques. The BioSIS is suitable for the collection of airborn particulates such as mold spores, pollen, skin fragments and other aeroallergens for reliable bioarerosol contamination studies. The venturi design creates laminar flow for more defined impact zone allowing precise analysis. The BioSIS can be calibrated inline for more accurate results ... Other features include:

Reduces sampling cost
No resampling due to damaged cassettes, over loading or broken slides
Easy to use, quick and easy clean up
New standard in sampling technology
Environmentally friendly


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